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Silicone Tool Set

Silicone Tool Set

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Introduce your little one to the world of tools with our Silicone Tool Set, perfect for the future engineer or mechanic in the making! Made from safe and durable silicone materials, this toy set will provide hours of fun and learning for your baby. Get ready to see their problem-solving skills blossom!

The Set of 4 Silicone Tools greatly contributes to the motor development as well as the hand-eye coordination of infant. This first exploration for babies will help them discover the world around them, and it is through their senses that they will learn about shapes, colors and textures. The tools are fun and textured, offering cognitive stimulation through the senses. They fit in small hands and are easy to grip, so that your little one can grasp, squeeze, pinch, throw, and pick, which are some important motions in the motor skills development in child.

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