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Prostate Plush

Prostate Plush

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This prostate pillow and seminal star makes a wonderfully weird gift for your bravest prostate cancer survivor. Need a pal for that prostate exam? This is it! Delight your urologist, doctor or prostate gland enthusiast with this prostate plushie pillow. We love our 9" x 7" x 6" fluffy prostate plush -- won't you take one home with you? 

This enlarged prostate will bring a smile during tough times. Make that prostate exam even more exciting with this fun fellow. Give your prostate surgeon a gift they’ll never forget! Funny, weird gift for a future doctor or anybody with a body.  Handmade at an ethically certified factory in China. 100% polyester. For ages 3 and up.

People often ask us, what's the weirdest plush organ you make? I would have to say, until the arrival of the rectum, the prostate really was the weirdest organ pillow we carry. I love the little seminal vesicles atop its head and oftentimes people mistake our prostate for a broccoli, but we know what it really is -- a stuffed prostate!

What does the prostate do, again? The prostate produces the fluid in semen that nourishes and protects sperm, which are made in the testicles. Most of what goes into semen comes from the seminal vesicle glands, seen here atop the prostate. This walnut-sized exocrine gland sits just below the bladder. Facts and stimulating info come with this seminal stuffed prostate plushie.

Urologic surgery isn't fun, but you can bring the party with this prostate plushie. Your dad may think you're a weirdo, but pops already knew that.

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