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Messino Lemon Pearls

Messino Lemon Pearls

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After almost 50 years of successful course in the international market of vinegar products, Messino innovates, creating and presenting, for the first time in Greece, Messino Lemon Pearls. Lemon pearls, like the other products of the Messino Pearls series, were created based on our long experience but guided by innovation in taste and the trends of modern molecular cuisine.

Messino lemon pearls are inspired by the aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean through an innovative perspective. Juicy drops of natural concentrated lemon juice are encased in a thin shell, which explode in the mouth and offer taste surprises.

Messino lemon pearls are created using the reverse spheroidization method, based on fresh Greek lemon juice, while they have a light yellow color, a strong fruity aroma and an acidic taste.

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