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Messino Black Balsamic Pearls

Messino Black Balsamic Pearls

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After almost 50 years of successful course in the international market of vinegar products, Messino innovates, creating and presenting, for the first time in Greece, Messino Balsamic Pearls. The series with Messino pearls was created based on our long experience but with the innovation and trends of modern molecular cuisine in mind.

Messino balsamic pearls are based on the now beloved Messino balsamic vinegar, produced by mixing grape must with Greek wine vinegar and aged for at least 6 months. Through the process of reverse spherification we have succeeded in encapsulating the full flavor and sour aroma of Messino balsamic into a single small sphere, with a thin outer casing and a juicy interior. Messino Balsamic pearls, in addition to their impressive appearance, offer an intense taste experience as they burst in your mouth and offer an explosion of flavors to your palate.

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