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Magna Trix

Magna Trix

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Discover the mystery of magnetism during hours of play with Magna-Trix. Three magnet rings will float, roll and seem to defy the law of gravity. Is it magic? Is it the forces of the universe? Now you can experience the wonders of magnetism in the palm of your hand.

The Magna-Trix toy will delight kids and adults alike, using magnetism to suspend three rings in mid-air. Children will be fascinated at how to rings stay in the air without anybody or anything holding them up. The Magna-Trix toy set comes with a spindle and disks that will hover above each other for the rest of time if left untouched. From the first people to the present day, magnetism has drawn the intrigue of people for centuries, and this toy can bring magnetism to your living room.

Recommended for ages 5+


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