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Inner Ear Lapel Pin

Inner Ear Lapel Pin

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Listen up! Celebrate the magic of sound with this inner ear lapel pin. Gift it to your fave audiologist or otolaryngologist; they can celebrate their specialty on a lab coat. 

This human inner ear character pin draws awareness to vestibular disorders, cochlear implants, hearing issues and the like. You’ll love having an inner ear pin pal with you on doctor's visits! It's the ultimate hearing aid. 

Welcome to the strangest part of your body, the inner ear. Celebrate the magic of sound with the many parts of your inner ear. This fancy little 1.25" inner ear pin is made from durable printed aluminum, comes packed on an educational card and was made in China.

How do ears work? Your inner ear takes sounds to your brain for translation! The eardrum transmits sounds from the air to the ossicles. The ossicles transmit and amplify sound pressure to the cochlea. The cochlea is the part of the labyrinth that looks like a snail and converts sound pressure to electrochemical signals that the brain can understand. Hammers, labyrinths, snails, and tympanis!  

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