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IHG Breast - Breast of Both Worlds

IHG Breast - Breast of Both Worlds

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Give this breast plush a squeeze at your next mammogram! Wonderfully weird breastfeeding pillow, mastectomy gift or breast cancer plushie pal. Fluffy 8" x 7" x 6" stylish ta-ta plushie makes a great gift for your fiercest cancer survivor, lactation consultant or breastfeeding mom. It’s the breast of both worlds! Designed in California, made in China. Safe for ages 3 and up.

Welcome to the Breast of Both Worlds! Our Breast Plush is here to provide comfort and support during any breast-related issues. Whether you're looking for a laugh about lumpectomy surgery or a cheer for chemo humor, this cuddly companion is ready to be by your side. Let's get through it together!

This breast pillow comes with an extraordinary booklet hangtag that describes what the breasts do, how they work and also include a tiny breast self-exam! Our Breast Exam Ever describes what you ought to look for when you’re checking your girls for lumps. Getting to know boobs is easy easy as one, two, three. A monthly mammary check just might reveal info that can help your doctor get you diagnosed quickly.

This breast stuffed animal with a nipple that kinda looks like a unicorn horn wants to be part of your uplifting support team, whether you struggle with biopsy or mastitis. Different breast shapes, colors and sizes are celebrated in 8 pages of educational fun. This stylish, charming and smart boob might be just what a new mom needs when she’s nursing for the umpteenth time. Let’s do this lactation thing! 

Need more breast cancer awareness gifts? We have breast tees, breast posters and breast mugs over at our print-on-demand breastfeeding and lactation tees and gear.

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