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Fossil Blind Bag

Fossil Blind Bag

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Start your personal museum of natural history!

Introducing our Fossil Blind Bags. Each blind bag in this series holds a random, authentic prehistoric fossil from 8 possible options. The fossils included range from 40 million to 380 million years old. Every fossil includes an information card about the creature, a certificate of authenticity, and a protective display capsule.

The possible fossils in Series 1 are:

  1. Mosasaur Tooth (66 million years old)
  2. Dinosaur Bone Fragments (65.5–145.5 million years old) Rare!
  3. Enchodus Fang (70 million years old)
  4. Insect Fossil in Amber (40 million years old) Rare!
  5. Squalicorax Tooth (70 million years old)
  6. Trilobites (380 million years old)
  7. Sea Snake Vertebra (55 million years old) Rare!
  8. Mystery Fossil - Ultra-Rare!
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