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The Calculated Chemist

Cold Brew Drip Coffee Tower

Cold Brew Drip Coffee Tower

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Introducing the Cold Brew Drip Coffee Tower, the perfect way to enjoy a perfect cup of joe for caffeine-loving scientists! In this minimal and scientific setup, each laboratory-grade borosilicate glass piece is designed to withstand hot and cold temperatures for maximum flavor extraction. A sophisticated rose gold metal frame supports each piece and adds a hint of sophistication. This exceptional setup is sure to please any caffeine-loving scientist looking for a cold brew experience.

The brew process is easy: add fresh water to the top reservoir and ground coffee to the filter. Open the metal valve to allow a slow water drip onto the coffee grounds for a perfect extraction. The slow process allows for more flavor complexity and is sure to make any geeky scientist smile with delight.

So if you’re a clever caffeine-loving scientist, pick up the Cold Brew Drip Coffee Tower today! Get ready to make the perfect cup of cold brew for an unforgettable experience.

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