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Clitoris Plush IHG

Clitoris Plush IHG

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Get excited, this anatomical clitoris-shaped plushie is ready to come home with you! Put your clitoris where it's easy to find - on your couch, on your bed or where ever you need a fluffy happy clit to snuggle. Adorable 11" x 10.5" x 4" clitoris pillow shows the full wishbone shape of this remarkable, fun-loving body part, most of which lies inside the body. It's clitorally the best!

Fab for sex ed demos, this plushie is a thrilling and fun teaching tool that puts a climax on your health class series. Check out the adorable clitoral hood, the cute little clit face and the embroidered dots that indicate urinary tract and birth canal openings. Maybe this clitoris won't give you the Big O, but you can still feel the vibe of this soft snuggly human anatomy pillow (I guess the happy face and bright colors are not so anatomically accurate but maybe your clitoris is smiling inside, who knows?).

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