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Mystical Metis

Boreal Heartland Tea

Boreal Heartland Tea

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Experience wild-grown, caffeine-free Indigenous Tea from a Saskatchewan-based company owned and operated by local Indigenous individuals who handpick the tea in a sustainable manner. 

Relaxation is a delicious blend of Labrador tea, goldenrod, and nettle. Perfect for a bedtime tea, this infusion brews bright yellow. The aroma and flavour are reminiscent of chrysanthemum blossoms and morning meadow grass, with moments of honey and sage. Notes of pine linger on the nose.

Restoration is a delicious blend of fermented fireweed and wild mint. It is a dark savory tea, with a fresh, minty aroma and full-bodied taste. The wild mint notes are a pleasant change from the more common peppermint. This richly flavoured tea blend has also been made in Russia for centuries, and is also known as "Ivan Chai."


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