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Mystical Metis

Boreal Heartland Seasonings

Boreal Heartland Seasonings

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All ingredients are foraged from the Northern Saskatchewan wilderness by a company owned and operated by local Indigenous individuals who handpick each seasoning in a sustainable manner. All seasonings come in a 10gram jar and feature a scannable QR code for recipes

Wild Rice Powder - flavour is earthy and buttery

  • Great in a chicken or pork coating/barbecue rub or a wonderful addition to poultry, port, wild game and beef dishes
  • Wonderful with wild/brown rice, eggs, cream sauces, butter, onions and garlic

Juniper Berries - a taste that is piney and peppery

  • Great for sauces, vinaigrettes and stews or homemade beverages and lemonade

Alder Pepper - a taste that is piney and peppery, like lemon pepper

  • Great with rice, chicken, pork, beef and wild game
  • Compliments flavours of chanterelles and spruce tips
  • Wonderful in cures, brines and marinades

Wild Mint - has a very distinctive flavour that is different than peppermint

  • Great with fruits, berries, lamb, chocolate, dressings, marinades, infusions, desserts and syrups


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