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Papaya Reusables

Strawberry Blonde Reuseable Towel

Strawberry Blonde Reuseable Towel

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Replace wasteful paper towels, bacteria-ridden sponges, and non absorbent, laundry-hungry dish towels.  All with one beautiful, reusable, compostable sheet.

Unlike dish towels, our zero waste paper towels are all natural, antibacterial (so they don’t get that mildew smell) and even compostable! They’re also wayyy more absorbent than average towels which tend to just move the mess around. Would you reach for a kitchen towel to clean an oil spill? Probably not, because you’d have to throw it straight in the laundry! With reusable paper towels, you can get down and dirty like a paper towel, then just rinse out the mess and hang to dry!

Our sustainable paper towels are made from a combination of two natural materials: 70% cellulose and 30% cotton - both of which are renewable resources! This also makes them 100% compostable and biodegradable, so you can throw them in your compost bin at the end of their lifecycle and start a new one guilt free :)

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