crazy aarons thinking putty  poppable tearable firm texture non-toxic silicon never dries out cosmic solar wind orange glows sparkles red glow in the dark

Solar Wind

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Recommended Ages: 8+

Made up of streams of charged particles originating from the sun’s corona, the solar wind is a cosmic powerhouse—reaching temperatures of over two million degrees Fahrenheit and supersonic speeds of over 450 miles per second.

When you need to tap into your own personal power, reach for Solar Wind Cosmic Thinking Putty®. It smolders with a fiery orange-red gleam by day and burns fierce and bright with an awesome red glow in the dark.

• Includes 1/5 lb (3.2 oz) of Putty
• Color: Orange
• Features: Glows, Sparkles, Stretchable, Soft Texture
• Materials: Non-Toxic Silicon
• Never Dries Out!