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Junior Inventor's Three Experiment Kit

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  • 37 pieces, over 3 experiments and creations: exciting toy for little inventors. Get busy inventing with this play set containing over three exciting experiments and create a mechanical grabber, A crane, and a climbing frog
  • Junior inventors: a fun toy for learning! Kid’s four years and up can learn basic physics through experiments involving a pulley drive system and lever
  • Steam education: Hope three experiment play set allows you to create a device that will teach you about scientific Principle and is great for developing children’s logical thinking and an understanding of science, technology, engineering, Art and mathematics (steam) principles
  • Instruction app: complete this toy set with an app. The Hape “know-how” app with a finished and detailed instructions was released to help little ones Get started with this game
  • Safe to play with: all components and tools are designed for children's hands and skill levels. Round edges are safe for little fingers