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Jocelyn Burell's Pulsar Pin

Jocelyn Burell's Pulsar Pin

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In 1967, while Jocelyn Bell Burnell was studying the data from a giant radio telescope that she had built with other graduate students, she noticed something unexpected: a pulsing radio signal from outer space. Bell Burnell had discovered something no one had ever seen before: a pulsar!

The discovery of pulsars earned the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1974, but it was not given to Bell Burnell. Instead, her advisor received the award. Years later, in 2018, Bell Burnell was awarded the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. She donated the three million dollar prize to a scholarship fund that supports physics graduate students from under-represented groups.

This enamel pin comes with a fold-out card with Bell Burnell's story.

50% of profits from this pin go to:

  • Black Girls Code
  • DIY Girls
  • ChickTech

This pin has two clasps to keep it in place. This pin has small parts and is not made for children!

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