great beards of science tee cognitive surplus apparel tee t-shirt bearded scientists chemistry physics physiology engineer inventor mathematician biologist geologist unisex eco-friendly cotton polyester sir william crookes ivan pavlov alexander graham bell john tyndall walther hermann nernst gilbert lewis johannes kepler thomas henry huxley alexander murray ernst mach thomas chrowder chamberlin leonardo da vinci

Great Beards of Science Graphic Tee

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Whether you’re the beardy sort yourself, or merely a pogonophile, you'd look dashing in a Great Beards of Science Tee Shirt. Back in the day, men not only had beards, they had whiskers, muttonchops, and great billowing tufts in the form of spikes, spades, rhomboids, or villainous twirls. (And let’s give a shout out to those ground-breaking bearded ladies!). Yes, a hirsute individual could sport a veritable arboretum of facial hair, and scientists were among the most flamboyant and fashionable of the lot.

This Great Beards of Science Tee features many scientists who could rock a beard. Hurrah for those hipsters of wisdom!

Sir William Crookes (chemist & physicist)
Ivan Pavlov (physiologist)
Alexander Graham Bell (engineer & inventor)
John Tyndall (physicist)
Walther Hermann Nernst (chemist)
Gilbert Lewis (physical chemist)
Johannes Kepler (mathematician)
Thomas Henry Huxley (biologist)
Alexander Murray (geologist)
Ernst Mach (physicist)
Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin (geologist)
Leonardo da Vinci (polymath)

• Unisex Sizing
• Screen Printed in Portland, OR
• Dyed with Eco-Friendly, Low-Water Practices
• 52% Cotton, 48% Poly