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Dinosaur Bone Fossil Fragments

Dinosaur Bone Fossil Fragments

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Fragments of fossilized dinosaur bones from the Cretaceous period, which was 145.5-65.5 million years ago.

Though these fragments may be too small to identify their species with certainty, we can narrow the possibilities based on their age and location of discovery. 

A 2016 study estimated that there lived about 2,000 non-avian species of the clade Dinosauria during this period. So far, paleontologists have identified and named about half this many.

These bones are from Utah, a region with a rich paleontological history. During this time period, the continents of North America and Europe were connected and flowering plants were just beginning to evolve. An oceanic seaway split North America in half and partially submerged Utah resulting in many marine fossils.

On land, lush plant life and muddy swamps provided a fertile feeding ground for herbivores, as well as the carnivores that hunted them. The fossil record of Utah during this period narrows the possible species down to around 115 dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus, Deinonychus, Diabloceratops, and Acrocanthosaurus.

Note: You will receive 2—3 bones per case dependent on the size of fragments

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