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Aaron Draplin Space Shuttle Cap Grey

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DDC had incredible success with the “Space Shuttle Tribute” poster to celebrate the American Space Shuttle Program (1981-2011). Sold clear through the first edition in ten days! And, they had a ton of requests to “put that thing on a hat!” So they did. 

Product Details:
  • Embroidered patch.
  • Durable materials up front.
  • Fitted for all heads. Grow into it.
  • Adjustable. Fits big heads, too!
  • “Snapback” adjuster in the back. 
  • Extra hit of DDC branding inside.
  • Cut, sewn and assembled in the U.S.A.!

Aaron Draplin is a designer and founder of Draplin Design Co. (DDC), located in the mighty Pacific Northwest. The DDC has rolled up its sleeves on a number of projects related to print, identity, web development, and illustration. Priding itself on craftsmanship and quality, the DDC has made stuff for Field Notes, Esquire, Nike, Red Wing, Burton Snowboards, Ford Motor Co., Hughes Entertainment, and even the Obama Administration.