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Skull Brush SuckUK

Skull Brush SuckUK

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Ready to take on life's challenges? Make Skull Brush SuckUK part of your toolkit. This bold skull-shaped brush tackles dishes with hands-on determination, so you can take on whatever life throws at you. Conquer your chores like a fearless warrior!

  • The bristles have the appearance of teeth protruding from the wooden skull.
  • Useful as a nail brush, shoe brush, dish brush, general cleaning brush...
  • Made of tough tight grain beech wood and hard wearing natural bristles.

A beautifully designed, solid beech wood brush with natural bristles. This cool cleaning tool is comfortable to hold and has a multitude of uses. Keep by the sink as a nail brush, use it to polish your shoes or put it to work on pots and pans. Really useful, really tactile and really nice to look at.

An idea by Ohad Chiya made by Suck UK

56 x 62 x 56mm | 66.82g

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