giraffe mom & baby wild republic large mammal ears drinking smelling eating functions soft cuddly cute family ages 0+ plush stuffed animal long neck patterned cute eyelashes

Giraffe Mom & Baby

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Brand: Wild Republic

The gentle giant in the safari world is by far the amazing giraffe. Wild Republic version of the mom and baby giraffe duo will leave you wanting to cuddle and explore with these new friends by your side. These endangered creatures need to be remembered and protected so we can continue to enjoy their gentle spirit. Believe it or not, the giraffe is an animal with speed and loves to hunt for delicious plants. They eat similarly to cows but don't drink as much water as you'd think. The pregnancy of a giraffe can last over a year, and they are born by falling because their mother is standing. The lifelike plushier makes for the perfect birthday gift for kids or a unique gift for adults; they will be sure to fall in love. This mom and baby duo will light up your Safari imagination.

Ages 0+